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Special: Summer Raffle 2023

Let the sunshine in! 🍍 💦

We really can’t wait for summer to finally arrive – and we’re really looking forward to our big sweepstakes special, where we’re giving away great prizes every day on berlinmitkind.de and muenchenmitkind.de as a countdown to the start of summer on June 21. There are still a few places left!

Your advantages

  • Article (with up to 3 photos and 2,000 characters of text) on the respective competition page
  • Post of the current sweepstakes on the respective Facebook and Instagram accounts + Instagram Story
  • Teaser of the daily sweepstakes on the homepage of the respective website
  • eye-catching announcement on the respective website, in our newsletters and via social media


Direct price: 452 Euro net
Agency price: 532 Euro net (minus 15 % AE)

Direct price: 399 Euro net
Agency price: 469 Euro net (less 15 % agency fee)

Sommer-Gewinnspiel 2022 // Himbeer
© Ana Azevedo

For a combined booking of both websites you get a discount of 5%!

Entry period: 1 day

You can find some examples of our last summer sweepstakes here. For further details on our sweepstakes conditions, please refer to our online media data on page 2.

We look forward to your feedback and are happy to help if you have any questions.

Sophie Gottschall and Wenke Vendt

💌 online-sales@himbeer-verlag.com, T: 030-92900573